project logo for Reducing the Inadvertent Spread of Retracted Science: Shaping a Research and Implementation Agenda

How to Participate

The project team will host an online workshop to bring together diverse stakeholders to develop a series of research-informed outcomes (scientific workshops, policies, and industry tools) to reduce the citation and reuse of retracted publications. We’re setting the workshop agenda based on interviews with stakeholders in the scientific publishing ecosystem, short discussion pieces stakeholders share, an ongoing literature review of research about retraction, and an ongoing citation analysis of retracted papers. All these pre-workshop activities will seed the workshop themes and promote dynamic discussions that lead to an actionable agenda.

We welcome stakeholders to contribute in any and all of the following ways:

  1. Be interviewed about your professional experience with the retraction process and your thoughts about how to address the circulation and citation of retracted science.
  2. Contribute a discussion paper prior to the workshop which will be shared on this website to help inform the agenda-setting activities.
  3. Attend a virtual workshop, a series of structured discussions on October 26, November 9, and November 16, 2020 (8AM to noon US Central time each day).
  4. Provide feedback on outputs (e.g. feedback on a draft white paper, the bibliography of research about retraction and literature review, citation analysis, etc.).
  5. Help disseminate results and take action on next steps (e.g. sharing with professional communities, presenting about the project at other events, identifying and taking particular steps to reduce citation and reuse of retracted publications, etc.).

Following the stakeholder workshop, PI Schneider will develop a consensus white paper with a coherent, actionable set of recommendations for next steps and disseminate the recommendations at select conferences. The goal is that these recommendations will lead to tangible plans for implementing next steps, in cooperation with industry partners within scientific publishing as well as government policymakers and academic institutions.

For questions about the research study, or to express interest in participating, please contact Dr. Jodi Schneider at +1 (217) 300-4328 or

Any questions or concerns about your rights as a participant please contact the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Office for the Protection of Research Subjects at +1(217) 333-2670 or via email at